About Us

“In Midst of this world, do seva and you should be given a place of honor in the court of   Lord, Says Nanak, swing your arms in joy” (SGGS, p 26).

Nadar Foundation is a non-profit organization, has started in light of concept “seva” (selfless service) with immense blessings of almighty. Seva is a most fundamental principles and core value of Sikhism, which refers to selfless service for altruistic purposes and uplifting of community, regardless of any gender, caste and religion. Seva can be performed through variety of philanthropic acts. Seva is not merely limited to “giving out money or “daswandh”, but it also involves sharing of quality time and great deal of initiatives. Our guru tells us to carry out whatever Sewa that we are able to, to help make life more comfortable for anyone who is hurt, in pain, is suffering or otherwise in a bad way. This is part of Sikhism’s Two Pronged Dedication to God of Simran and Sewa.

Most uplifting of human endeavors are those that bring a smile on a person’s face and a hope in the heart. At Nadar Foundation we are a group of believers who have come together for a cause bigger than singular identities; a cause called putting the HUMAN FIRST…

Foundation believes that education has the power to be the single-largest tool for socio-economic transformation. Social change is as a matter of iteration not cataclysm; it is a slow, long-term process. Creative foundations work on an issue for as long as it takes to achieve the desired outcome – often ten years or more. Moreover, social change was rarely seen as either bottom up or top down but more as a mix of both requiring work at various levels and with multiple strategies. As social change is not entirely predictable, creative foundations maintained a degree of flexibility in programs and strategies, and exploited opportunities as one of their tools. Starting with an outcome encourages creative foundations to think hard about how that could be achieved. In the process of identifying what would have to be different for the desired outcome to be achieved, creative foundations, in effect, develop a theory of change.

Nadar Foundation is a strong believer of “Creative Philanthropy”.. The Foundation has been created on the core philosophy of Guru Granth Sahib ji. several foundations globally have been following this approach and working in the areas of education, health, environment, among others. The most common approach is towards correcting social ills through strategic intervention initiatives.  Around the world today, the greatest threat to justice is inequality. Inequality is the byproduct of systems and structure that have over many decades tilted the scales in favor of some, while limiting opportunity for many others. Here’s what we can do: Attack inequality at its roots. In the congregation, there is no differentiation or discrimination. Welcomes each and every one to its langar without any discrimination of caste, creed, color, or sex. So Guru Granth Sahib promotes the concept of equality by highlighting the fact that we are made of the same flesh, blood and bone and we have the same light of God with us. We serve Humanity selflessly (Nishkam) and with complete dedication; Gurbani open our minds to see divinity in all beings. To Serve All of Humanity Equally without discrimination; provide help and assistance to everybody without prejudice or indifference; make no distinction between friend or foe.

Nadar foundation is highly committed to education and support services. Our foundation organize support services for people in need with help of our volunteers. our cherished volunteers contribute their precious time and make endless efforts to create positive difference in people’s lives, who need us desperately. Nadar foundation is a volunteer work force. We are extremely grateful to our compassionate volunteers for organizing events, fundraising and caring for community. Nadar foundation always seek honest, kind, humble and dedicated volunteers.